Who We Are

We are Richard and Carol Doggett, the husband and wife team who have been contributing to the pet grooming industry since the seventies.

We are Richard and Carol Doggett, the husband and wife team who have been contributing to the pet grooming industry since the seventies. After being educated in pet grooming, we embarked on our new professional career as one of a very small number of companies, that offered mobile dog grooming services within the entire USA. This developed immediately into a successful business, even though the concept was brand new to the pet community.


Of course, if you wanted to work inside a mobile shop you had to develop and construct your own, as the concept was too new to find manufacturing companies. So, our concept of “one unit” developed into another small business once again. In the 80’s we began designing, building and marketing turnkey mobile grooming units on a small scale. Along with these sales we also provided affordable dog grooming training.


We continued along this business avenue for several years, raising our family of three children to young adulthood. Each of them became a part of the family business at a young age, first as bathers and eventually as full-fledged dog groomers. In due time each of them began their own mobile dog grooming companies. Our eldest began at the young age of 18 and was an instant success. Our second daughter had her company for three years before marrying and adding her second unit on for her husband. Our son was a natural at it and became the proud owner of his business, also at an early age. Each now have over 10 years in the mobile grooming industry.


Based on our vast experience and success we have been planning, building and selling mobile grooming trailers to the grooming public for nearly the past eight years. For us, the days of grooming are behind us, as this has developed into a full time operation.



Expensive grooming units often hinder interested people from starting this worthwhile and extremely profitable business. We began many years ago on a meager budget and we attest a lot of our success to the notion of operating within our budget and staying out of debt as much as possible. Keeping most of our money at the end of the week appealed to us as opposed to facing a large debt where pay-off could take several years.


This concept has spilled over into the manufacturing and sale of our own trailers. We strive to produce a quality, well constructed unit that is comfortable and enjoyable to work inside, easy to maintain and most of all, easy to afford!


We’ve been in business all of our married life and we’ve always operated with fairness and integrity. We promise to treat you with friendly service and will go the extra mile to make certain you are satisfied. We are excited and proud to share our business with you.