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Are you just curious about mobile grooming trailers in general? Or... Have you totally decided this is the business for you and just need the trailer? Perhaps you're getting overwhelmed by the information you're receiving from all the manufacturing companies competing for your business?

  • We at Tag-A-Long Mobile Grooming want this to be the final site you visit.
  • We are a bit different than the rest even though, at first glance, we may appear to be just like all of them.
  • Our ENTIRE concept is based on the our K.I.S.S.(Keep It Super Simple) principal.
  • We offer one size trailer... The 6'x12'
  • Each grooming unit is a duplicate of the last
  • Non-cluttered, orderly work shop
  • Additional options may be available
  • Our price tag is not complicated or difficult to comprehend
  • Our units are TOTALLY TURN KEY Ready for Grooming
Dog Grooming Trailer

Who We Are

We are Richard and Carol Doggett, the husband and wife team who have

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Let’s Talk Numbers

You will find our pricing very straight-forward like the rest of our information.

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Floor Plans

These floor plans show the floor and ceiling layout of our 6’x12′ trailer.

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Customer’s Gallery

Here is a media gallery from our customers – these are all trailers

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Why Choose Tag-A-Long Mobile Grooming?

  • After manufacturing mobile grooming trailers for Several years we've learned anything smaller than 6'x12' is too small and anything bigger is too large for the average person to tow. You honestly don't need additional space.. there's plenty!
  • You need your work day to go smooth. Our design provides simplistic operational features. It is VERY easy to groom any size dog quickly and with ease. Isn't that always the goal?
  • By keeping the layout and features the same, we've learned we have faster turn around from the factory, making delivery time shorter. Factories are not fond of multiple options as they really slow production down for them. This will cause your wait time to be as little as 12 weeks or longer. (We do have 'some' options though that we can control). Everyone usually wants their trailer ASAP. Don't you?
  • Cost! Everyone wants to know what the bottom line is in simple dollar figures, right away, without confusing pricing tactics. Don't you?

Top it all off with friendly and knowledgeable owners, who have been in the mobile pet grooming industry for over 40 years! We, alone, operate Tag-Along Mobile Grooming Salons and will always be your consultants to make this experience easy, fun and exciting!